Thanks for your interest in my work !

I am a story teller / image maker using photography and video as a way of communication.
Based in Israel, working worldwide, living with my wife Stav, and my son Nov-Albert, close to Tel-Aviv.

In 2005 I left France and move to Israel.
In 2014 I got a BA in communication and photography from Hadassah school, Jerusalem.

I film documentaries, work on music and corporate videos, photograph cultural and music events, weddings, lifestyle, architecture.

Between 2015 and 2017 I've worked mainly on 2 documentaries as a Director of Photography :

- Mandala Beats > a documentary about Yossi Fine's (israeli bass player, producer) journey in India. Screening of the documentary started in 2017 in north America.

- Lightheaded > a documentary about the legendary canadian singer song writer Gordon Lightfoot, through unconditional fans all over the world, the project started in 2016 all over UK while Gordon Lightfoot and his band were in tour, then continue in United-States, Canada, Germany, and Israel !
The project is actually in stage of editing.

Always interested in meeting people, hearing new stories, and creating more, you're welcome to contact me!

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