in the sky of Israel

Documentary movie directed by Cédric Chambin, co-written with Pauline Bugeon and produced by Kanari Films, 52minutes


In the Jordan valley, people are fighting since more than half a century. A human drama that has spawned an unprecedented ecological disaster, since almost all migratory birds that used this unique passage between Europe, Asia and Africa are dead.

Against all expectations and despite the persistent instability of this region, Israelis have mobilised to save biodiversity.

Today, these women and men are fighting to protect
birds and successfully restore the cycle of the migration
in the valley, one of the wonders of nature.

Film credits
director Cédric Chambin

co-written with Pauline Bugeon 

director of photography Noam Chojnowski

drone and wildlife images Yuval Dax

sound engineer Amos Greilsammer

editing Nina Gerolt

sound design Sylvain Moreau

color grading Grégory Rodriguez

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